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Commercial & Residential Services & Repairs

Las Cruces Plumbing and Gas has over 12 years of experience providing exceptional heating and cooling services to residential and commercial customers throughout the Las Cruces area.
  • All Types of Commercial & Industrial Plumbing
    Repairs, remodeling, modernization and maintenance
  • Remodels & Tenant Improvements in Commercial, Industrial & Medical Buildings
    From plans and permits, to on-time and on budget completion.
  • Backflow Installation, Repairs & Testing
    Backflow can pose a serious health risk when not treated properly.
  • Installation of Steam Boilers & Water Heaters
    Automatic level control systems and alarms. Replace or repair.
  • Installation & Repair of Sewer, Gas, Steam, Air & Water Lines
    Las Cruces is notorious for its old pipes and we have years of experience working with them.
  • Installation & Repair of Booster & Sump Pumps
    Call us now. Don’t wait until your property is flooded. We have years of experience replacing, repairing and upgrading sump pumps.
  • Sewer/Drain Cleaning Service
    We use the latest in plumbing equipment to ensure your drains are clear.
  • Installation & Repair Process Piping Systems
    Piping systems in Las Cruces require the perfect mix of expertise and experience. .
  • Waste & Sewer
    Maintain waste and sewer lines.
  • Copper Repiping
    Soft copper and galvanized pipes get old and cause major problems in the future. Repiping with copper will help protect your property.